Matrix Pro

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  • Sufix Matrix pro, the go to braid for all general casting, lure and bait fishing. 100% Dyneema, virtually no stretch with high break strain for diamater. Metered for vertical measurement when jigging etc.

    A unique, high performance braid with all of the qualities that anglers search for: high strength, ease in handling, near zero stretch and easy casting. Our special Matrix braiding process creates a rounder line which performs much better than traditional flat braids. A rounder braid makes your casts smoother, therefore enhancing your casting accuracy and distance. Made with 100% Dyneema fibres to ensure that your line achieves the highest strength to diameter ratio while offering high sensitivity and quick hook-sets. Matrix Pro features a PE WaxShield that offers incredible toughness and abrasion resistance.

    Available in several colours ranging from 8 - 80lb.

  • • Made with 100% Dyneema
    • casts smoother and accurately
    • Extremely high strength to diameter rator
    • PE WaxShield feature that offers toughness and abrasion resistance


    Spool Length Colour Available Poundages
    150 Yards Chartreuse 8,10,15,20,30,50lb
    150 Yards Mid Green 8,10,15,20,30,50lb
    275 Yards Chartreuse 50,80lb
    275 Yards Mid Green 20,30,50,80lb
    275 Yards Multi Colour 20,30,50,80lb

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