Wind-On Casting Mono Leader

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  • The brand new range of casting specific monofilament wind-on leaders from Sufix will change the game for hardcore lure anglers looking for the ultimate leader set up for targetting the biggest fish in our coastal rivers, estuaries, lakes and bays. Constructed of our Supreme monofilament for the ultimate handling characteristics, our new castable wind-on leaders are spliced to a 3cm dacron loop which can be joined to a double in your mainline braid via a catspaw join - resulting in 100% knot strength and zero buldge for ultimate casting performance.
    Supplied 2 per pack in poundages from 20 through to 100lb, the new castable wind-on Monofilament leaders are in a class of their own.
  • • 100% Sufix Supreme Monofilament line
    • 3cm Dacron loop
    • Designed for cast and retrieve lure angling
    • Fantastic handling properties
    • Great abrasion resistance
    • Available in 20-100lb


    Spool Length Colour Available Poundages
    Wind-On Leader Clear 20, 30, 40, 60, 80, 100lb

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